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Top 10 Must-Have Travel Accessories for Men

While we pack for our next getaway, we get a little bit anxious as to what to pack and what not. Traveling can be both for business as well as personal trips but the common factor among both is to travel smart.

Pack everything but travel light.

Do you see the contradiction in this sentence? But yes this is one of the tips that you often get to hear. If we talk gender-specific, the list of things that women should carry along with them to travel can be long but after analyzing and asking few people, we have made a list of 10 exclusive must-have travel accessories for men that they must have with themselves. The reason behind this is that it’s okay to look cool but it’s not bad to look sassy and rule in a strange place with these exclusive accessories. So, here is the list of top 10 must-have travel accessories for men we think are necessary while traveling to different cities and exploring new countries.

10 Must-Have Travel Accessories for Men

1. Hoodie Pillow

Although this is not a gender-specific i.e just for men, we still thought of adding it so that you won’t forget it. A hoodie pillow to accompany you on your bus or flight. It’s comforting and you can easily sniff in there and take a nap. Say goodbye to neck cramps hereafter.

2. Anti Wrinkle Shirt Folder

Yes, we know you are a packing pro but still, sometimes we fail to prevent creases on the shirt. So, we’ve got something for you. This shirt shuttler is perfect for those trips when you know you’ll be spending a night out on the town, or in a boardroom, or both!

3. Sony Headphones

MDR-1000X wireless headphones for a cooler experience. When you hang on to this wireless headphones you aren’t bound to anything (technically too). To avoid unnecessary voices and hear only to one. If you are going to get one, get these without a second thought and first regret.

4. Patek Philippe Watch

A little bit of showoff does no harm to anyone. We won’t give you any specifications here. Choose as you want and slay it. Because time matters and so do watches. This Patek Philippe Watch with its extra-appealing design and looks will not only just make you stand out but also give you a classy feel.

5. Tech Case by BagSmart

A one-stop case for things you need the most during travel but are most likely to forget. Guys, this case will make you go Gaga over it. It is probably the showstopper of all the accessories mentioned here. With this 3 layer tech case, you can easily carry an iPad, Kindle, Charger, Cables, Hard Drives at ease.

6. Camera

Good pictures call for Good memories. And owning one to yourself will only give you a sense of gratitude. Please concentrate on taking really good pictures because that’s what can remind you of wonderful memories, beautiful places, historical monuments, etc. that you travel to on a trip. “Say Cheese”, you can try the Nikon D3300 w/ AF-P DX 18-55mm VR Digital SLR – Black. It’s specifically for the lightweight traveler.

7. Sunglasses

Not your regular ones. They give that office kinda look. Try Maui Jim Sunglasses. They are designed to wear for taking in the sights or doing something extreme. They make people look good, and are also durable with resistance to saltwater and wind. Beguiling”, isn’t it?

8. A Leather Carry Bag

No, it’s not crazy. It’s like travel stylish without an effort. If you do not wish to carry a suitcase or a backpack, then this is something you would like to carry. You can try Trim Travel Tote Duffel Weekend Bag by S-Zone. The kind of look it has will only make you crave more for it. You know the best part? It gets better with age.

9. A Travel Blanket

To be specific get Lewis N. Clark micro-plush blanket. This compact size easy for travel blanket is made to airlines size specifications. Also, it’s soft and rolls up to the smallest size. It’s warm and as light as 408gms. This blanket is the synonym for comfort while traveling.

10. A Power Bank

Do not let your phone run out of battery on purpose. Take your power backup along. An iMuto 30000mAh Portable Charger X6 power bank on your trips can help you not lose track of things. Remember the prank we do on ourselves? Forget to turn on the switch! Yeah, power banks are for those situations.

No, they aren’t overrated but yes you should carry them on your next trip for sure. are cool and essential at the same time. Own these travel accessories and rule your next trips like a boss.

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