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Why Travel Alone

We all know that to treat others well, we must first learn to treat oneself better. And there’s no better way than traveling alone to learn that.

We all are very much fond of the word ‘travel’, and those who actually know the fun of it might also get goosebumps while reading this. Traveling is something that we think of as an add-on to the conventional life. But we should take it more like a routine that everyone must follow to experience an unmatched feeling.

If you are sad you must travel to heal yourself, and if you are happy you must travel to celebrate.

We all have commitments in life at regular intervals, as a kid be it school or as an adult be it family or office. There’s always a certain pile of things we need to do every day in order to let the bad things around (if any) not affect us. That means as we live in a dependable ecosystem and our lives are connected to each other in a certain way there are things that take place knowingly or even unknowingly which can easily affect us. This could also be because of our actions which gets us an equal and opposite reaction. Getting away from these commitments is obviously a bliss for our inner-self and a seasonal prescription for a happy and healthy life.

Traveling AloneSometimes, I really wonder if there’s any better escape than giving yourself a break to a strange place, among unknown people, having eye-locks with the beautiful scenarios all around, all on your own. Yes! The real significance lies here. Having made travel plans with your BF’s and BFF’s and longing for years to execute them spoils it all, and it is definitely something we all have done many times. I don’t mean if traveling with friends and family is something wrong because it’s something that you enjoy to the core while creating some of the fondest memories along. However, you can’t ignore the fact that it adds on to the dilemmas and misunderstandings. For instance, while on a journey whatever you do like sleeping hours, using different ways to explore the place, you are answerable to the people you are with. You will have clashing preferences, different travel styles, and obviously the need to coordinate with everyone for everything. So, here is the catch! TRAVEL ALONE!

If you can travel alone, you can accomplish any goal you set in life!

I couldn’t agree less to it because traveling is basically an exploration of one’s inner self. It’s something you cannot do it with people around you, who constantly ask you to click group selfies or (maybe) keep continuously talking to you. It is something you have to do it on your own to be existentially free! Plan your trip and fail badly at it and then learn what went wrong! Forget important things while packing and learn how to manage without it (don’t forget tickets and passport). It will basically build you up into a more confident person. You’ve to do it alone, in order to do it more often, Alone!

I know, “Leave everything and travel now,” can be one of the worst advice you might have ever heard. Because, if we talk commercially, to travel, one needs a lot of money! But then ‘savings’ is a word that you need to practice every month. Initially, plan a trip somewhere nearby, and board all the trains and buses alone, walk as much as you can, and avoid mobile phones for a while! Wait a bit to gaze at sunset and sunrise every day (till the time of your trip) a little long, eat different food, talk to strangers, and do everything to which your first response would be a No. And, post-trip there will be a change waiting for you!

And this is why you need to travel alone and treat yourself!


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